Joshua Crosby

Joshua Crosby


Understanding who you are and how you relate to others when life is chaotic and overwhelming can feel impossible. Some of us tend to just keep pushing on without taking into consideration our own feelings, experiences, and perspectives. If you know what that’s like, you’re not alone. I believe in the value of improving our personal understanding, how we see the world, and how we relate with others. In doing so, we can take a firmer grasp on life and become more intentional about how we want to move forward. What I find most beautiful about this process is that it’s truly unique for everyone.

In a therapy session with me, you will get safe, personalized treatment. I’ll draw from evidence-based practices and we’ll explore your experiences, values, identity, and how you relate to others. I’ll use a person-centered approach to ensure your unique needs are met and we’ll identify and develop your strengths to help you through your situation.

If you find yourself looking for help, consider stopping here and giving me a call. Your journey starts today.

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