About Cathexis

Telehealth Services are available for Pima County AHCCCS clients, and statewide for Self Pay and Blue Cross Blue Shield clients.


Cathexis was created to provide Tucson families with access to highly skilled clinicians at reasonable fees. Our goal is to ensure that high-quality, affordable services are available to meet the needs of all in our community. We accept AHCCCS through the Banner University Family Plan and the American Indian Health Program, commercial policies through most Aetna and Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, and offer a Self Pay rate that is affordable for those not covered by insurance.

How We Work

Our goal is to match each patient with a clinician and treatment plan that works best for them.  When you first call Cathexis, you will be directed to one of our talented therapists who will discuss your history, symptoms and needs. We believe a good connection between you and your therapist makes for the most successful outcome.  Taking into account your preferences, needs and schedule, we will recommend the clinician whose manner and expertise best suits your needs. Depending on your preference and history, we may recommend a specific therapy approach. After a therapist has mapped out a series of options, it’s up to you to choose.  Psychotherapy is typically most effective with weekly visits, but often patients will come in more frequently at first, then less frequently as time goes on.  In addition, we are happy to collaborate with providers you may already be working with. For example, you may be seeing a psychiatrist elsewhere and wish to come to us for therapy. We are highly experienced with these types of collaborations and welcome them.

Cathexis Outpatient Center – Tucson AZ
Cathexis Therapist Center – Tucson AZ

Our Specialties

Our therapists are trained in multiple disciplines within the therapeutic field (including EMDR and ACT), and have skills to work with a wide range of needs and clients. Our structure emphasizes a “Clinical Team Approach”, which helps to ensure that both the clinician and therapeutic method are appropriate to achieve a positive outcome.

Client-Centered Care

Please reach out if you are struggling with overwhelming stress,  having difficulty enjoying the activities that once brought you happiness, or are coping with a serious life transition. Getting married, parenting, losing or starting a new job, divorce, grief and loss – any of these can prove challenging to even the most resilient, and there is no need to struggle alone; untreated depression and anxiety are significant contributors to long term health problems. We are here to assist with restoring balance and meaning to your life in a confidential, professional and inspiring environment.

Cathexis Behavior Center – Tucson AZ
Cathexis Family Counseling Center – Tucson AZ

Meet Our Therapists

Cathexis prides itself on collaborating with the highest caliber of therapists in our community.  We regularly meet as a group to further our study and skill sets and learn from each other’s experiences.  Cathexis values our staff and our goal is to provide them the support and resources they need to love their careers, as we understand that this will then be passed through them to our clients for healthier outcomes, as well.