Our Environment

Our facility is created with you in mind.

The owners, Tim and Susie Mills, have put great effort into creating an environment in which our clients feel safe, respected and valued as individuals.  Special consideration was taken to remove the “hospital” feel from our offices. When new clients arrive for the first time, they are often confused to find no front office desk or a standard waiting room.  Instead they are encouraged to make themselves at home in an area that is comfortable to them, pour a cup of coffee and relax before their appointment.


Specific to our 6280 East Pima Street office are two delightful lounge areas, one of which provides the feel of an Art Deco inspired living room and the other a comfy coffee bar.  Each wall of the common areas displays unique and inspiring artwork of various styles, and the therapy rooms are decorated with their own personality:


The Western Room – a cozy office for individual behavioral therapy featuring western style furnishings and authentic Native America art.


Sandtray Room – Sandtray Therapy is a specific type of counseling that utilizes a “sandbox” and various figurines and other objects to create a miniature reflection of the client’s inner thoughts and concerns.


Superhero Room – This is room is for our amazing kiddos and is designed to allow the therapist to utilize their skills in Play Therapy.


Cottage Room – A comforting and cozy environment for individual therapy and is decorated to provide an atmosphere of calm and security.


Explorer Room – Used for individual, families, and couples/marriage counseling, this room inspires the courage needed to undertake a journey towards healing.


Atomic Room – A playful room inspired by 1960s Sci-Fi movies, because why not?


Serenity Room – A meditative environment for individual and couples/marriage counseling.


Mid-Century Modern Room – a larger space used primarily for family or group counseling.


Industrial Room – You wouldn’t think an Industrial styled space would lend itself to a therapeutic environment, but this room is surprisingly meditative and comfortable.


Chateau Room – Another cozy office for individual therapy with a beautiful French cottage feel.


Dream Room – Our second Sand Tray room designed to celebrate the remarkable beauty and purpose of our subconscious.


Magic Forest Room – Still under construction, but when completed will reflect a delightful and whimsical fantasy world.


Our 4750 N Oracle Road office provides 3 therapy rooms for individual, family and couples/marriage counseling, a Play Therapy room for our kiddos and a large therapy room for family and group counseling. Because the office is so new (we began seeing clients in January 2019), the personalities of the rooms are still being nurtured; it is a delightful work in progress.  However, the true gem of this office lies in the breathtaking courtyard, which has to be seen to be fully appreciated.