Resources and FAQs

Crisis Lines

Cathexis is an outpatient therapy service and is unable to provide intensive crisis support.  If you are having a crisis or in an emergency situation, please call 911 for immediate assistance.  Additional crisis support can be found through the following telephone numbers:

NurseWise Crisis Line


Community Wide Crisis Line


Forms and Agreements

Cathexis was created to provide Tucson families with access to highly skilled behavioral health therapists at reasonable fees. Our goal is to ensure high-quality, affordable outpatient counseling services are available to meet the needs of all our community. We accept some AHCCCS insurance (Banner University Family Plan and the American Indian Health Program), most Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona plans, and offer an affordable Self Pay rate (sliding scale may be available for those who qualify, subject to funding availability).

24 Hour Cancellation/No Show Policy Spanish

24 Hour Cancellation/No Show Policy English

Client Rights Service Agreement with Telehealth Consent - Spanish

Client Rights Service Agreement with Telehealth Consent English


Cathexis was created to provide Tucson families with access to highly skilled clinicians at reasonable fees. Our goal is to ensure that high-quality, affordable services are available to meet the needs of all in our community. We accept AHCCCS insurance through the Banner University Family Plan network, and commercial insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Aetna, and offer affordable Self Pay rates.

How do I schedule an appointment with one of your therapists?

Simply reach out to us at 520-329-1250 or send us an email through our Contact page.  Our administrative staff will contact you within 1 business day to obtain the minimal information needed to determine that Cathexis is a good fit for your needs. A therapist will then be assigned to you, and they will reach out within 2 business days to discuss your situation in more detail and schedule the intake appointment.

Please note that our office runs a little differently than other agencies. If you receive our voicemail, please do leave your information as we check and respond to our messages frequently during administrative hours (Monday-Thursday 9am – 5pm, and Friday 9am-4pm). We make every effort to return calls within 1 business day.

How long does it take to get in to see a therapist?

Because our clinicians maintain their own schedule this can vary by therapist, however the average time for an intake appointment of an available therapist is 1-2 weeks. Our clinicians do tend to fill up quickly, so if we do not have availability of an appropriate therapist for your needs, we will offer to put you on a waiting list and contact you when a spot opens up.

Do you offer weekend or evening hours?

Our clinicians maintain their own schedules, so this depends on your therapist’s availability.

What is the intake process?

The intake appointment provides an opportunity for the therapist to gain a deeper understanding of your specific needs. At Cathexis, we are committed to minimizing paperwork for both the clinician and client in order to maintain a therapy centered approach to your care (rather than being administratively focused). Therefore, our intake paperwork includes only the minimum documents required for state and federal compliance obligations. This includes a Clients Rights/Privacy Statement form for you to read and sign, and a brief Intake Assessment/Treatment Plan to be completed by the clinician at the intake appointment.

Our agency is somewhat unique in that we don’t require clients to “check in” when they arrive at Cathexis.  Upon entering the office, simply choose one of our two lounge areas to relax in while you wait for your therapist to greet you. Help yourself to coffee or tea service and any other refreshments that may be available. 

Do you have Psychiatrists on staff? Can you prescribe medications?

Cathexis is strictly an outpatient psychotherapy provider; therefore, we do not have Psychiatrists on staff and cannot prescribe medications. However, we are able to coordinate care with your Psychiatrist as needed to support your psychotherapeutic treatment.

Do you provide inpatient services?

No, Cathexis is an outpatient facility only.

Do your therapists provide evaluations for Autism or Attention Deficit Disorder?

No, we do not administer these evaluations; however, our clinicians may be able to assist individuals who are diagnosed with such conditions.

Which insurances do you take?

At this time, Cathexis accepts AHCCCS insurance through the  Banner University Family Plan network, and most Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona commercial plans.  Some of our clinicians can accept Tricare insurance as well.

I don’t have AHCCCS, so what are your Private Pay fees?

Cathexis offers a Self Pay option designed to accommodate most budgets. Please call for more information. 

Private Pay clients are also required to sign a 24 Hour Cancellation/No Show Policy. This policy states that a client will be billed the full session rate for any no show or cancellation that did not fulfill a 24 hours advanced notice. You will complete a Credit Card Authorization form which will be kept securely in your electronic file. This authorization is for charges relating to the 24 Hour Cancellation/ No Show Policy only, and does not permit Cathexis to charge the card for any other purposes. Therapists do have the ability to waive the policy on an ad hoc basis for emergencies or situations they recognize as being out of your control.

I have AHCCCS. Does the 24 Hour Cancellation/No Show Policy affect me?

AHCCCS does not allow us to bill Medicaid clients for no shows or late cancellations.  However, our therapists are only at the office for their clinical appointments, so as a courtesy to them we kindly ask that you provide as much notice as possible.

Can you help me arrange transportation services?

Unfortunately, outside of providing a referral to a transportation service, we are not able to assist with these arrangements.

Does Cathexis provide Intensive Outpatient services?

At this time we do not provide Intensive Outpatient services.